Celebrity Pregnancy Critics. Going to far?

     Tabloids and the media seem to have an obsession with talking about celebrities’ figures and weight but people seem to take things a step further when someone is pregnant. Pictures are all over news stands with headlines hoping to make a profit on gossip and opinion whether its tacky and insensitive or not.

    The media has always made people second guess their appearance due to social standards set by advertisements and images in television shows and movies. Why make it worse during a very important time in a woman’s life when her body is going through all kinds of changes, some just nature and out of her control. Things get out of hand when we start bashing a woman over the weight she has gained while pregnant. Here’s just a few examples of what I consider craziness.

     First, there’s Jessica Simpson. Simpson along with other celebrities have been the target of bullying when it comes to weight. When she was pregnant with her first child, daughter Maxwell, the internet and tabloids were over flowing with comments about how big she was, some just being down right rude. 

     Pregnancy is different for everyone. Who’s to say Jessica wasn’t eating healthy and that the weight she gained wasn’t needed to make sure her child was healthy? If you’re not her doctor, her weight is none of your concern.

    Next, we have Kim Kardashian. She’s been in the headlines for a while with her ongoing divorce from NBA player Kris Humphries and her whirlwind of a romance with rapper Kanye West. The spotlight shined even brighter when the world found out that she and West were expecting their first child together. Kim has always been known for her fashion so I wasn’t surprised when she didn’t let the changes she is going through change her style. 


   In one photo she was compared to a whale by internet users because she was wearing black and white. Some people are even complaining that she isn’t dressing like a pregnant woman. I think a woman has the right to dress however she wants when she is pregnant as long as she is comfortable and she can walk safely in her choice of shoe. Kardashian’s image is based a lot around her outward appearance. Kim and her sister’s Khloe and Kourtney run a store line called Dash and even have their brand sold at department stores like Sears. People can’t be mad at her for not getting out the maternity jeans.

I understand that celebs lose some of their right to privacy by choosing their profession and living the way some do but I feel like things go to far when you start tearing people apart because of the way they look. You never know what’s going on behind closed doors or what advice someone’s doctor has given them.

So my advice would be don’t participate in the celeb bashing whether someone is pregnant or not they don’t deserve nasty comments.


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