College Budget Birthdays

So I’ve celebrated two birthdays away from in college and they’ve been pretty awesome. When you’re in college you don’t have your mom to buy you a cake or pay for things. As I’ve come to realize I don’t have the money to do everything I want. So here are a few ways that you can celebrate your birthday or a friends on a college budget.

 1. Stay In 
 I’ve realized that staying in can also be fun. So invite a couple of friends over, rent or borrow a movie or two, and just hang out. You can even bake your own cake. The ingredients aren’t too expensive. You can even look up recipes for different treats to make.

 2. Just Dessert
 Is there a Cheesecake Factory near by? If so, grab a few friends and head over just for dessert. You can grab a slice of cheesecake for as low as $3 and under 10.

3. Don’t Spend a Dime
 There are always events and things going on for free on and around a college campus. Just do a little searching and I’m sure you’ll come up with something fun. Look in the school newspaper or ask around. You can also see what locations around your campus gives student discounts.

 4. Go Home
 No judgement. Pack your bags and hit the road. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to enjoy the comfort of your own bed and some home cooking. If you can make it home, go ahead and do it. Spend time with your family and just relax.

No matter how you spend your special day make sure to have fun and do what you like. If you have the money to go out and dance the night away and that’s what you want to do, do it! Enjoy yourself!


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